STARR™ Social Media Professional Certification Program

The STARR™ Social Media Professional Certification Program provides turn-key, step-by-step guidance to help leaders, managers and executives take social to the next level. It delivers on-brand, targeted strategies that drive ROI, conversions, and transactions, as well as provide insight and direction in hiring and training outstanding social teams. The program also serves as a simple, comprehensive source for individuals of all kinds to learn how to better use the social web for career and business opportunity.

Upon completion, the program provides certification, ongoing training, and support modules designed to help continue to evolve and scale social efforts. In addition, the STARR Method™ program touches on the emerging need for multi-device, multi-platform social marketing to help prepare today’s professionals for the current and future social landscape.

What you will learn:

  • How to build a solid and scalable foundation for social that will weather changes in trends, technology, and consumer consumption habits
  • How to move away from chasing the ‘tactical tail’ and create social efforts that are more strategic
  • Which social tools, platforms and audiences are the best fit for your organization and how to best utilize them to acquire users, drive traffic, transactions and build customer loyalty
  • How to build a content strategy to effectively and efficiently communicate your brand, its values, and products or services through social efforts
  • How to best create, implement, grow and lead your organization’s social efforts
  • What social protocols, processes and policies should be in place within your organization
  • What works in driving customer social engagement and participation
  • How to outsmart, outwit and outperform the competition and move your customers to help drive your brand across social platforms
  • Where and when to manage reputation and how to address customer issues
  • What metrics matter and how to understand and use analytics and data to fine-tune and drive your social strategy
  • Where your social marketing efforts need to go next, from new and emerging social tools to cross-device and multi-platform opportunities driven by the Internet of things (IoT)
  • Where to find outstanding social marketing talent and how to best hire and train social teams as well as grow team knowledge and experience

Who Should Take the Course:

  • Corporate leaders seeking to gain quick, efficient knowledge and insight to the social internet market and key strategies to utilize social tools effectively
  • Senior directors and managers looking to improve, fine-tune or scale social marketing efforts to maximize ROI and results
  • Social marketing executives and teams that want to deepen existing social skills and adapt to emerging shifts and changes in the social marketing landscape
  • Content creators, graphic designers and writers interested in gaining social marketing knowledge and experience
  • Senior level executives from legacy industries seeking to make career changes and/or advance social internet and marketing skills
  • Agency digital leaders and teams interested in creating stronger social strategies for clients and brand
  • Non-profits and charitable organizations that want to leverage social platforms
  • Celebrity and talent executives seeking to utilize social platforms more effectively
  • HR professionals that would like to gain greater understanding of how to attract talent through social channels
  • Experts and thought leaders looking to learn and grow social efforts
  • Public service, government and media outlets and organizations seeking to develop and manage social practices and use
  • Organizations interested in creating or improving social marketing departments and efforts, continuing employee education and finding qualified talent


  • Taught by experienced, proven social marketing experts with backgrounds that span multiple business markets and industries
  • Cutting-edge curriculum that provides a thorough approach to developing sophisticated on-brand social marketing efforts that fit your customer interests and needs
  • Hands-on, step-by-step techniques that can be implemented whether you’re social program is new or already in operation
  • Advanced insight and methodologies that address where the social internet is today and where it will be to help best prepare individuals and organizations
  • Concise, turn-key knowledge and approach easily implementable in organizations of any size or type
  • Customizable tactics and strategies that go beyond the norm to drive your social marketing efforts in new and effective ways
  • Cost-efficient means of growing social knowledge or continuing education for social executives, leaders and teams

Who can benefit from this course:

  • Entrepreneurs
  • VP Social/Marketing/Digital
  • Senior Marketing Managers & Directors
  • Social Media Professionals/Leaders/Experts
  • Community Managers
  • Small Businesses
  • Authors, Speakers & Thought Leaders

Course Syllabus:

Module One: The Social Media Mindset

Module Two: The Social Identity

Module Three: Community Activation

Module Four: Content Strategy

Module Five: Social Channel Management Best Practices

Module Six: Deep-dive Into Facebook Ads

Module Seven: Social Marketing Campaigns

Module Eight: Social Sales Funnel 

Module Nine: Social Analytics

Module Ten: The Social Organization

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