MTO EDU: Social Media for C-Suite

We know you don't have hours to spend on social media, you have a business to run --  that's why we developed this quick four-week program where we give you a streamlined path to use social channels confidently, effectively and with ease in as little as 15 minutes twice a day.

The course will give you the tools and expertise to:

  • Get the C-level view of how & where social media can and should be impacting your business across the entire organization including Leadership, HR, Product, Marketing/Sales, Customer Service & Innovation.
  • Build the reputation of your business with the credibility and authority necessary in an increasingly competitive marketplace.
  • Increase rapport with employees, customers, investors and media.
  • Attract talent, employees of socially actively companies are 40% more likely to believe their company is more competitive and 20% more likely to stay at their company.
  • Increase influence, Social CEOs are 46 percent more influential than their non-social peers.
  • Learn turnkey management, tactics to streamline your social media efforts.

Included in this course:

  • Hour-long kick-off with Gretchen Fox, author of The Social CEO on Forbes, CEO of MTO Agency and Former Vice President of Social Media at Live Nation and Ticketmaster
  • 4 weeks of C-suite level training focused on Modules 1-4
    • The Social Media Mindset you need for success
    • How to build your personal brand
    • Your thought-leadership messaging strategy
    • How to know what content to post and when 
    • BONUS: Access to our living best practices Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter checklists updated with new features
    • BONUS: Employee Social Media Policy Template and HR Checklist
  • 4 weeks of video group training calls
  • 12 months of "Office Hour" access to our social media and digital marketing experts (for full purchase or 12 months of payment plans)
  • Lifetime access to 20 lessons and exercises, all self-directed and available 24/7 (for full purchase or 12 months of payment plans)
  • Participants can expect to complete the training in 4 weeks with an average 2-3 hour commitment per week; however, there is no limitation on how long you take to complete the course
  • Interactive worksheets, tools and checklists developed by our team of experts and tested across hundreds of clients and marketers
  • Peer-to-peer networking and support from other executives
  • Access to our private Facebook group for ongoing content and insights

The Social CEO Live Presentation

In this one hour webinar, MTO Agency CEO, Gretchen Fox, will share the social opportunity unique to CEOs and Senior Executives, as well as, a 5 Point System and interactive assessment tool to assess your company's social proficiency before beginning the program.

Module One: The Social Media Mindset

  • Introduction
  • The Social System
  • The Future of Social Media
  • Getting The Social Mindset: The Social Personality
  • Exercise: The Social Vision For Your Organization

Module Two: The Social Identity (Your Personal Brand)

  • Introduction
  • Why Social Identity Is Important To Your Success
  • How To Create Your Social Brand
  • Exercise: Create Your Social Brand Identity

Module Three: Creating Messaging for Maximum Impact

  • Introduction
  • The New Science Of Customer Emotions
  • Create Your Emotigraphic Profile, Step 1 :: Pain Points & Needs of Employees, Investors, Media & Peers
  • The Emotigraphic Profile Template
  • Create Your Emotigraphic Profile, Step 2 :: Promises & Transformation of Employees, Investors, Media & Peers

Module Four: Creating Thought-Leadership via Content

  • Introduction
  • Content Brainstorm Ideas PDF
  • Create Your Content Categories
  • Your Content Calendar
  • Content Production
  • Content Distribution


  • The Ultimate LinkedIn Checklist
  • The Ultimate Twitter Checklist
  • The Ultimate Facebook Checklist

On completion of the course, you will have:

  • The expertise to understand the CEO social opportunity and grow your business with a 21st-century social strategy.
  • Ability and agility to capitalize on new opportunities and counter risks in a real-time world.
  • Satisfaction knowing that you have the knowledge to effectively and efficiently use social dynamics to grow your business.

The Social CEO

This course gives C-Suite executives everything you need to know about social media both at a macro level -- how to harness it across the entire organization. and on the micro and personal level -- how to build your personal brand, influence employees, investors, media & peers and lead a future-proof business in the 21st century.

 Contact [email protected] for nonprofit and group discounts.

$5,000.00 USD