Social Media & Digital Marketing Mastermind Courses

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MTO EDU: Become a Social Media Mastermind

About the Mastermind course: This 16-week course delivers everything entrepreneurs, business owners, and...

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The Social CEO

Next CEO Cohort Start Date February 6th, 2018 We know you don't have hours to spend on social media, you have a busi...

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STARR™ Social Media Professional Certification Program

The STARR™ Social Media Professional Certification Program provides turn-key, step-by-step guidance to h...

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Social Skills for Tech Professionals

The Social Media Skills for Tech Professionals certificate course provides professionals outside of the social media ...

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What You Need For Social Media Success

Social Identity: Stand Out in Your Market

Every organization needs to stand out and deliver ‘Social Proof’ of credibility in the Digital Age. To do this, requires a Social Identity, a true North Star that makes your brand, messaging and content unique, remarkable and most importantly, memorable.

Community Activation: Make Every Connection Count.

Developing and activating your community is one of the most powerful ways to leverage social media. Whether growing a targeted audience from scratch or creating Influencer programs, our proprietary Emotigraphic™ approach creates meaningful connections that drive your marketing goals.

Content Strategy: Get Your Content Seen.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Youtube, Snapchat – keeping up with new consumers consumption habits is one of the biggest challenge for 21st century marketers. From original to curated content, we help you engage your audience creatively and consistently.

Campaigns & Social $ales: Make More Money.

Digital marketing and social media are key drivers of commerce. This is our specialty. We use a powerful combination of word-of-mouth marketing campaigns, social sales funnels, special offers and social advertising to drive traffic, leads and sales without violating the sacred trust of your audience.

Social Intelligence: Grow and Manage Your Community

Rapid advances in technology, global communications and increasing customer expectations create a constant pressure cooker for businesses. From consulting to team training, we help your internal teams level up to become a more social, digitally-savvy organization.

Facebook Advertising

Facebook ads are an essential part of any social media strategy. Learn how to use the ads for exposure, to gain a following or for sales. Facebook advertising is one of the best tools in the marker's arsenal. Learn how to get high conversions at the lowest rates.